Commissioning and payment information:

> When making a payment of the priced agreed upon commissioning 40% is nonrefundable, once your costume is started or All the material has already been bought 50% is non refundable, Once your costume is received 100% of your payment is non refundable

   > Payment plans are available to reach a paid status.

   > During openings you will be asked to fill out a small form, if you receive an email back with a quote you can accept and a PayPal will be provided to send 50%

   > In the blue wolf studio, we reserve the right to refuse a commission for any reason deemed appropriate.

   > We do not accept change of Character please make sure you are 100% sure of what you want.

   > Payments must be completed monthly in a timely manner, the required monthly payments are $150 per month minimum.

   > In the event of a problem that may prevent you from making a payment, please contact us as soon as you know that you can not make a payment, understand that it will not be tolerated more than once. BE RESPONSIBLE! Do not charge us if you do not feel you can afford the monthly payments!

   > If we try to contact you more than once about payments or any other matter related to unanswered questions or concerns after one month your claim will be considered abandoned and there will be no refund provided.

   > If you lose a payment without contacting us to report the omitted month there will be 5% of the total cost of the suit pasted on for the following month.

 > Each month you will be sent a digital invoice with each payment to avoid fines and arrears Invoices will be invoices from $150 onwards.

 > once the commission accepted will send you the invoice with payment of 50% In case you do it for payment plans, keep in mind that the fursuit will not start until you have paid 50%, even if it is your turn on the waiting list.

>We do not accept money to finish your fursuit early, Understand that there are also people waiting for their turn would not be fair, so avoid doing it, be patient

Minors (under 18 years old)

>If you are a minor (are under the age of 18) Blue Wolf Studio will require parental consent before accepting a commission.

 >If a parent enters into contract with Blue Wolf Studio for their child all terms of service will continue to be enforced.

>Keep in mind that we no longer accept commissions from children under 15 years of age, only from 15 years onwards, but they must still have the support of their parents until they are 18 years old.

>Mursuit Zippers and Mursuit Sheath it is only sold for over +18 DO NOT INSIST!

shipping services

>Our shipments are made by mail in Costa Rica

 >premium service 4 5 days

 >the packages are insured in case of damage during delivery this will be entirely the responsibility of the postal agency which will respond with money depending on the damage caused to the fursuit.

Conventions Information

 >If you want to order a fursuit and keep it for a convention, try to request it 4 to 6 months before that convention this makes it easy for us to have it ready and on time. 

 > please be aware that only 1 person works on several projects.

 >if you want your fursuit for Anthrocon or MFF please, we ask you not to ask for it 3 or 2 months before we will not have it ready in time, also be aware that there are people in front of you, nobody gives priority.

Damages and Repairs

>The damages made by the shipment of the fursuit will be charged to the agency that handles this since we have the return of the package insurance and this money will be used to repair the damaged piece.

>Package insurance is charged in the week it was received and not 1 or 2 months after was received loses full validity.

>Worn or damaged gloves as well as the feet will be charged only half the original price only customers who have their fursuit more than 1 year only made by BlueWolfStudioFursuit.

>If your fursuit is less than a year old and you already have problems please contact us.

>Replacing the old coat with a new one has a high cost and replacing this can generate a lot of damage to the base. If it is made of foam, it is allowed that this damage be charged to replace it, since we use a glue that adheres very strongly to the pieces by removing this breaks and breaks the foam without being able to recover it intact have consent when deciding to change the fur of your fursuit.

>Repairs are free as long as the customer takes care of the shipments this applies to the following parts;

1- Resin base broken by strong knocks and falls.

2- Resin eyes change striped eyes.

3- Foam and resin base wrong measurements, jaw adjustment.

4- Ventilation wiring broken teeth or damaged eyes, claws etc.

>Keep in mind that we do not take charge of the shipments for this we offer free repairs only in the indicated and the other repairs will be charged an additional thank you and we hope you take great care of your fursuit thanks.