Commissioning and payment information:

 > When making a payment of the priced agreed upon commissioning 40% is nonrefundable, once your costume is started or All the material has already been bought 50% is non refundable, Once your costume is received 100% of your payment is non refundable

  > Payment plans are available to reach a paid status.

  > During openings you will be asked to fill out a small form, if you receive an email back with a quote you can accept and a PayPal will  be provided to send 50%

  Our new waiting list will be applied for January 2024 the duration is 4 months waiting.

  > In the blue wolf studio, we reserve the right to refuse a commission for any reason deemed appropriate.

  > We do not accept change of Character please make sure you are 100% sure of what you want.

  > Payment plans will be accepted from 50% onwards due to the short wait starting in 2024

  > In the event of a problem that may prevent you from making a payment, please contact us as soon as you know that you can not make a payment, understand that it will not be tolerated more than once. BE RESPONSIBLE! Do not charge us if you do not feel you can afford the monthly payments!

  > If we try to contact you more than once about payments or any other matter related to unanswered questions or concerns after one month your claim will be considered abandoned and there will be no refund provided.

 > Each month you will be sent a digital invoice with each payment to avoid fines and arrears Invoices will be invoices from $150 onwards.

 >We do not accept money to finish your fursuit early, Understand that there are also people waiting for their turn would not be fair, so avoid doing it, be patient

Minors (under 18 years old)

>If you are a minor (are under the age of 18) Blue Wolf Studio will require parental consent before accepting a commission.

 >If a parent enters into contract with Blue Wolf Studio for their child all terms of service will continue to be enforced.

>Keep in mind that we no longer accept commissions from children under 15 years of age, only from 15 years onwards, but they must still have the support of their parents until they are 18 years old.

>Mursuit Zippers and Mursuit Sheath it is only sold for over +18 DO NOT INSIST!

shipping services

 >Our shipments are made by correos de costa rica.

 >standard shipping takes between 15 to 22 days, It has a cost of $180 to $250 depending on what part of the world you are from, this can increase.

 >Premium shipping of 5 to 10 days has a high cost of more than $300 to $500 depending on what part of the world you are from, this can increase.

 >These include insurance that ranges from $150 to $500 due to country policies that cannot exceed this figure.

Damages and Repairs

 >The repairs are totally free as long as you cover the shipping to and from the studio. 

 >The durability of the repairs is 1 month to see and analyze and improve that piece in future fursuits.