Here you will find a breakdown of my prices, prices will change according to what you wish to add to your suit and how complex your character is. 
Shipping will be included from October 15, 2020

prices have been updated with shipping included and adjusted to be sent anywhere in the world

the price varies depends on the complexity

Head Resin/ Semi Realistic/Toony   Resin 3D, Toony 3D, Resin Nose, Silicone Tongue, Airbrushing If Necessary, Jaw Set, Ventilation System Head Foam Base /Only Toony  – Toony 3D , Resin Nose, Fabric Tongue, Airbrushing If Necessary, resin tooth, moving jaws.  (new style) $750

A partial is a good way to start out suiting before moving to full suits and a bit easier on the wallet to start with.

Full Partial Suit  Head, Hand Paws, Feet Paws standard, Tail, Sleeves, legs. +$1400


+Digitigrade Legs $300

+Only Feet Silicone $50

+Only Hand Silicone $50

+Feet Paws Detail Fabric Footprints $50

+Only Body Suit $800 

A plantigrade suit is made to not have padding in the legs, These suits are best if you wish to have a little more ease of movement.

  Full Plantigrade  Head, Hand Paws, Feet Paws Standard, Body suit, Tail.+$1700 

Digigrade Suits have padded legs to give illussion closer to an animal standing on its two back legs.

Full Digitigrade  Head, Hand Paws, Feet Paws Standard, Body Suit, Tail. +$2000

we are pleased to say that the footprints are manufactured by Dream Vision Creations USA

Our quality faux fur is brought from stores in the USA