the price varies depends on the complexity 

Head Print 3D/ Semi Realistic/Toony – Resin eyes 3D, Toony 3D, Resin Nose, Silicone Tongue, Airbrushing If Necessary, Jaw Set, Ventilation System

Head Foam Base /Only Toony – Toony 3D , Resin Nose, Fabric Tongue, Airbrushing If Necessary, resin tooth, moving jaws. (new style) $800 includes shipping 

A partial is a good way to start out suiting before moving to full suits and a bit easier on the wallet to start with.

Full Partial Suit Head, Hand Paws, Feet Paws standard, Tail, Sleeves, legs. +$1500

A plantigrade suit is made to not have padding in the legs, These suits are best if you wish to have a little more ease of movement.

Full Plantigrade Head, Hand Paws, Feet Paws Standard, Body suit, Tail.+$2000

Digigrade Suits have padded legs to give illussion closer to an animal standing on its two back legs.

Full Digitigrade Head, Hand Paws, Feet Paws Standard, Body Suit, Tail. +$2500


+Digitigrade Legs $300

+Only Feet Silicone $60

+Only Hand Silicone $60

+Feet Paws Detail Fabric Footprints $50

+Mursuit Zippers front and back $40  only for over +18

+Mursuit Sheath $70 includes a boxer only for over +18

+Only Body Suit $700 includes shipping

Our quality faux fur is brought from stores in the USA

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